Hot Air Balloon Ornaments

Hot Air Balloon Ornament | MaleReminisce about that special hot air balloon ride with colorful personalized hot air balloon ornaments. You can add the name of the couple, the date, or the location of the romantic trip. It’s a once in a lifetime experience and we can help you document it with a creative design that depicts a pretty balloon and a rider with a big smile.  Our ornaments are customized by fantastic artists who will expertly include the details to make the hot air balloon ornament the best gift ever. We include a free gift box so it is ready to give or ready for your gift wrap. Buy an ornament for everyone on your gift list to tell them how happy you were with the experience.  That’s way better than a post card.  You’ll get free shipping on 5 or more ornaments sent to the same address.  Each ornament is packed in jeweler’s fiber in a free gift box.

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