Basketball Ornaments

Basketball Ornament | Brunette MaleBuy one of our personalized basketball ornaments for your basketball player and one for each member of the team. Don’t forget about Coach, who deserves a nice gift after leading the team to victory. A specially crafted basketball ornament will make a special way to let everyone associated with the team know how proud you are. Each ornament can be personalized with names of players, sports teacher, schools, or coaches.

Whether your athlete is playing basketball for the first time this year or they are on their way to the NBA, they’ll appreciate this thoughtful gift.  A cute Christmas ornament depicting a basketball player in the middle of a lay up shot will put a big smile on their face, just like the smiles on our ornaments.

Our sports ornaments are customized by our team of experts who will make your ornament one-of-a-kind.  Each ornament is packed in its own gift box and is personalized for free. Five or more ship for free when sent to the same address!

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