Patriotic Ornaments

Patriotic Ornaments | Person in Santa Hat Holding American FlagOur patriotic ornaments display the red, white and blue colors of America.  Who doesn’t get a little choked up when they see the American flag waving in the wind?  That brings out our patriotism and love for our country.  Presenting one of our patriotic ornaments to a beloved service man or woman is a lovely way to honor their commitment to protecting the USA.  Add a ‘Proud to be American’ ornament to your Christmas tree decorations to make a statement and inspire patriotism in your children as well.

The patriotic family ornaments are very nice and are available for families of two, three, four and five as well as for a single person.  They depict families standing with the American flag.  Our artists will make these special for your family.  For example, they will add the details such as family members’ names and perhaps a sentiment of your choosing.

We’ll pack each ornament carefully in soft jeweler’s fiber in a gift box, so they will be ready to wrap.  Choose ‘Add Gift Wrap’ at checkout if you want our staff experts to do the wrapping for you.  We will enclose a gift card at no charge.  Order 5 or more ornaments shipped to the same address to qualify for free shipping!

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