Home Ornaments

Log Cabin Ornament | Lighted OrnamentHome is where the heart is.   So, your heart will love these darling home ornaments for Christmas.  Most of the home themed ornaments can be personalized.  For instance, we can add your family name, the year, and even your address.  The front door Christmas ornaments are especially nice.

The come in different house styles.   To clarify, our collection includes log cabins old fashioned houses.  You’ll also find more traditional homes.  Find your best match here.   Give one of the cute our first home ornaments to the new neighbors on the block.  These home style ornaments are also great family gifts.  Likewise, they a lovely gift to the long-time neighbors.  The home ornaments are for anyone who loves their home and family.

One of our favorite ornaments is the ‘From Our House to Your House.’  That is popular with our customers as well.  It’s one of the most colorful  designs.  Our artists will personalize it to create an appealing ornament for neighbors and friends.

A customized ornament that represents a cozy home decorated for Christmas is enjoyed by everyone.  You may want to keep one personalized with your family name and the year on hand under the Christmas tree as a gift for unexpected guests.  It happens and you’ll be ready.

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