Ornaments for Family of 7

Family Ornaments | Christmas Ornaments for Family of 7 PenguinsWelcome to a page dedicated to ornaments for a family of 7.  Your group or family of seven will love the personalized Christmas ornaments.  All of these family ornaments show 7 members with jubilant smiles.  The ornaments are cute enough just like they are.  But after we personalize them with the names and other details, the will really be special.  In fact, they will be one-of-a-kind.  Each of the ornaments for a family of 7 are packed carefully in soft jeweler’s fiber in a free gift box.  That cushions the ornament for storage later too.  However, you may just want to keep your unique ornament out after the holidays.  Display it in your foyer or kitchen window for the family and guests to enjoy year round.

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