Horse Ornaments

Horseback Riding Ornament | Brunette FemaleOur horse ornaments are perfect gifts for friends, family, riding teachers, or anyone who love horses. The horseback riding ornaments are also great for kids dreaming of having their own horse. Our personalized horse Christmas ornaments can be customized with individual names, ranch names, competition dates, and more.

There is no site more beautiful than a running horse freely running through the pasture.  Horses have been such an important part of our culture for so long and although we may no longer depend on them for industry and transportation, they sure are a nice way to get around.  In  Native American culture, the horse symbolized that freedom as well as strength.  It is said that the horse was so important to the culture that they also represented love and loyalty.

If you know someone who feels that way about horses, one of our horse ornaments will please them for sure.  Order one for your favorite cowgirl or cowboy.  We’ll add their name and the horse’s name if you like.

Personalization is done by matchless calligraphers who make each ornament their most important one. You’ll love all of the fine details of the ornaments, including a free gift box. We also offer free shipping if you order 5 or more ornaments sent to the same address.

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