African American Family of 3 Ornaments

Family Baking Cookies Ornament | Custom Painted | African American Family of 3Here is the largest selection of African American Christmas ornaments for your family of 3.  The well made ornaments depict cheerful ethnic families with 3 members.  The designs are beautiful.  For example, the clothing is very colorful and very detailed.  Similarly, the backgrounds are exquisitely made.  In addition, the faces of the people are glowing with happiness.

These African American family of 3 ornaments are special.  What really makes them matchless?  It’s when our artists add the personal touch.  It’s when they write your family’s names.  Our artists are masters at their art.  On the Custom Painted ornaments, the price is a little higher.  That’s because of the precision work that our artists must do.  They hand paint the faces.  They also add the features of the face by hand.  These extra stages take some time.  They take some skill.  When the superb artists are through, you will have unique gifts.  Treasure these African American Christmas ornaments for years.

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