African American Family of 2 Ornaments

African American Couple Ornament | Family at Church OrnamentAre you a couple or a family of 2?  Then, you’ll enjoy browsing this page of our African American family ornaments.  The personalized ornaments feature beautiful ethnic couples or duos.  These make great gifts to a couple celebrating their new home.  Likewise, give one of the Christmas ornaments to any twosome.  Our world class artists will personalize your ornament with the names of the pair of lovebirds.  In addition, there is room to write a holiday greeting on most of the decorations.

The Custom Painted personalized ornaments are a little more in price.  That’s because of the extra time that it takes to complete all stages.  Our artists have created a multi step process.  They carefully hand paint each face.  That includes the great big smiles.  Our artists are ready to create  one-of-a-kind African American family ornaments for you.  So order now.  As a result, you’ll have this unique family treasure for many years.

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