Personalized Ornaments – What’s in a Name?

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There are many common threads that bind us all together. We all have a name, a date of birth, and various benchmarks that highlight each life’s journey. Even though we all share these threads, each one is also uniquely our own.

For example, your name may be Mary—a name shared with hundreds of thousands of other people. But no other Mary has walked in your shoes, experienced what you have experienced or seen what you have seen. For you, it is not just another name. It’s YOUR name. It encapsulates who you are:  your likes and dislikes, your triumphs and tragedies, your great loves and your great losses. For you the name Mary is the unique story of a life lived with more yet to come, and it is unlike any other.

Wedding Couple - Personalized OrnamentThe same can be said of a particular date. Even though every living person experienced a given date, nobody experienced it the way you did. For many, it was just another day crossed off on the calendar. But for you, the date may have been marked by a proposal, the birth of a child, the passing of a loved one or some other significant event. One of the greatest mysteries of the human experience is intertwined with names and dates, or even certain phrases or colors. It is the mystery of memories. Some are so vivid they can be recalled as though they happened yesterday, yet they remain buried deep within us, only springing forth when conjured up by something that we see or hear. Therein lay the importance of commemoration.

Personalized gifts are given to commemorate the significance of a name, date or event. But they do so much more than simply honor the memory; they act as a conduit between what is happening now and events long past. They are the highway upon which we travel back in time and relive precious moments. The problem, however, is that when a personalized item is constantly on display we tend to tune it out. It becomes so commonplace that the memory begins to slip back into the shadows, awaiting something fresh to revive it once again.

Mr. & Mrs. Santa - Personalized Christmas OrnamentIt is with this in mind that we sing the praises of personalized Christmas ornaments.  Their annual appearance during the holiday season is like the welcoming of an old friend. With each personalized ornament that is unwrapped and readied for display, the memories begin to flow, filling the room with invisible images and silent laughter. When the holidays come to an end and the ornaments are once again packed away, it is done with utmost care and a tinge of sadness knowing that the memories will once again fade into the shadows. But not to worry—next year they will be back for another visit and it will be as sweet as ever.

At you will find an amazing array of ornaments that can be personalized in a variety of ways. And remember this; when you give a friend or loved one a personalized ornament you are giving them more than just a token of affection or appreciation. You are giving them the greatest gift of all…you are giving them their memories.

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