What are Wearable Ornaments?

Novica's Coconut shell and horn beaded necklace, 'Rainbow Delight' (Ghana)      Novica's Sterling silver cuff bracelet, 'Royal Princess' (Thailand)

As much as we love our Christmas trees (and we do) we know that some ornaments are meant for the human embrace. In other words, we yearn for them next to our hearts and skin.  When we go online and find something brilliant we might think…wow that will look great on my tree. Other times we think…wow that will look great on me! What makes the difference?  A little bell rings.  We can’t move our eyes away from it. We visualize it on our fingers or wrists. We know how it will feel with just the right shirt or scarf.  We relate to the color and cut of a topaz so deeply it’s beyond thought. It’s knowledge. We know it beyond words. The coral on the ornament is so very red. Or the workmanship of the silver is so very detailed. Let’s put it this way. Some things cling to us and we cling to them. These are wearable ornaments.  If our tree mirrors the beauty of the world, we can certainly let our bodies mirror our intimacy with that same beauty.

What exactly is a wearable ornament though?

First, it’s unique. It can look like a sunburst with topaz, a snake of wood and jade, a dragon bracelet of braided silver or a blood stone. It’s a cat made of abalone that wants to purr up next to your shoulder, a butterfly that just landed on your wrist. It can be made of citrine, peridot, jade, amethyst, stones known since antiquity for their healing qualities. It can reflect the exotic, the unknown, the other side of the earth . These are not every day factory made items. These sing of their individuality, just like you!

Next, it’s loved.  The people who craft the ornament are as important as the ornament itself. Someone after all made this piece of art so you could be wearing it. Once faceless and possibly nameless this artist is forever identified now and living. As you wear it this love passes into you and strengthens your heart as you move through the day.  It’s the love of a Malaysian woman in bold colored silks and laces who sits patiently on her floor as she carves the silver before inlaying the mother of pearl. It’s the love of a Brazilian man who tips his hat against the sun to observe with certainty as he sculpts recycled paper into an exquisite bracelet. Their time and love is now your time and love. It is passed to you.

Next, it’s an object of expertise.  As natural and authentic as it might be, as unique as it is, in order for an item to take on the stamp of a wearable ornament it also must be at the top of its craft.  This can easily be observed in the detail and balance of the Peridot Waterfall earrings.  We can also see this in the Pearl Flower necklace.  The detail involved in both pieces is necessary for the silver to fall just right. The measurements and symmetry must be without flaw.

Novica's Peridot waterfall earrings, 'Scintillating Leaves' (Thailand)        Novica's Pearl flower necklace, 'Tree of Life' (Thailand)

Wear your Ornaments

 Finally, there needs to be authenticity. It needs to express your reality, the way you see life, the way you relate to the world. Some of us look for certain stones, others feel drawn to images of animals or birds. Whatever we reach for, whether a thick bracelet or a thin one, it will speak of your perspective, your most absolute vision of a world you have every right to create.

A wearable ornament is not just a piece of jewelry therefore. It’s much more. It’s as if you have taken your own soul and observed it real well then chosen something that looks the most like it. It’s hard to find a wearable ornament of course. They are few and far between. It’s rare when we see many of them together but here they are. The best way to choose one is to move through each slowly. Your Christmas tree of the past, present and future knows. Your Christmas tree lives for this.  One day you will see the perfect ornament for yourself and you will put it on and love what you see. That’s because you see yourself.

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