Wedding Ornaments & Favors

Aromatic ornaments are ideal wedding and party favors.


Butterfly ornaments make great spring and summer party favors.  When considering the theme for a fair weather event, thoughts of flowers and butterflies often top the list.  Natural flowers and butterfly releases are especially nice and many sources for live butterflies can be found on the internet.

But more and more party planners are choosing butterfly ornaments as a lasting remembrance of their special event. While live butterfly releases can be dramatic, some people are opposed to using live butterflies for a number of reasons.  An eco-friendly version is a good alternative to a release and a unique ornament can be a perfect companion gift to a live release.  And, while live butterflies may fly away, the ornaments will go home with the guests.

Imported offerings seem to be everywhere, but quality, hand crafted domestic alternatives can be found with a bit of searching.  Some can be personalized and other artists offer custom colors as well.  Still others offer all these options and gift boxes and more.

When searching for ornaments, be sure to try several different search engines for the best variety of choices. Choose a company that offers samples for sale, and try to plan well ahead.  Quality hand crafted ornaments may take time to produce and in some cases they are made to order and personalized.  Make sure you can speak with a real person if you have questions about ordering online. Share the prospects with your Facebook friends unless the choice is to be a surprise.

The Wedding Department has a very nice selection of butterfly ornaments.  They will add an aroma and personalized text to make your ornaments unique.  They also have many other popular shapes & sizes including hummingbirds, hearts, snowflakes and more, all reasonably priced to keep the hostess happy.

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