Sports Ornaments Make Us Smile

Personalized Basketball OrnamentsWhen we gaze upon our Christmas tree we see ourselves.  That’s the most wonderful secret of the Christmas tree. Once hidden deep in the forest, our special tree enters our bright living room and takes on human warmth with all of its hand-chosen decorations.  Whether they are made of glass or ribbon, wood or bronze, these decorations show our joy and beauty because we’re the ones who place them ever so carefully. They bring out our human efforts and victories.  They remind us of special moments, like the day grandpa caught that big fish or the morning Mom won the marathon.

How wonderful that our tree has the ability to reflect who we are deep inside, our goals and dreams, our persistence and faith, whether we like kayaking, hunting, karate or hockey!  Yes, we all know that our true (and wonderful) selves come out when engaged in some kind of sport. This is why we want to think about giving our tree that extra glow with a sports ornament.

What is a sports ornament? It’s a decoration that pictures one of many leisure or competitive activities. We look at them and are reminded of that great rafting trip or the golf game when we finally hit the ace in the hole.  We see our favorite horse and the kayak we took out to the islands with our best friend from high school.  We are reminded once again of the 3rd place trophy we picked up at the ski competition when there were fifty men who seemed quite professional! There are ornaments for boating, for football, for soccer and swimming. There are even ornaments for walking.  How can we think of having a genuine Christmas tree without a baseball ornament if our nine year old daughter pitches for the Little League? And attention all yoga enthusiasts! If you practice yoga for an hour a day your tree will be much more intimate if you have a small sweet reminder of your personal and dedicated practice.

Continuing on, just like we might wear baseball caps with (for example) the Seattle Seahawks inscribed on it, our tree can be a sports enthusiast as well!  Yes, you can even order ornaments engraved and emblazed with your favorite sports team!  Do you cheer for the Giants? Do you wait online breathlessly for tickets to see the Dodgers? Is Yankee stadium your home away from home?  Let your Christmas tree reflect your dedication!  Do you watch Sunday football with your co-workers every week? Let your tree remind you of your close friendships, your wild times and your inspirational evenings.

Personalized Golf OrnamentsFinally, there’s another secret of the Christmas tree.  It’s a reflection of not only who we are now but who we used to be and how we see ourselves in the future.  Were we experts at gymnastics thirty years ago? Do we see the same talent beginning to blossom in our granddaughter? What a wonderful idea for an ornament! Was our great uncle a wrestler?  Even though he is no longer with us we know grandpa is happy when he remembers his brother.   Does our son just know that one day he’s going to be a tennis champion?  Then why not let the tree reflect his dreams and help to make them come true?

Sports ornaments bring a whole new level of happiness to any community.  They remind us of who we are and where we’ve been. We can sit together as a close family or in grateful solitude and feel the warmth of our accomplishments right there on the delicate and strong branches of this new and welcome member of our home.


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