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Ornaments for Your Inner Christmas Tree

Baby Girl in Stocking - Personalized Ornament

What is a Christmas tree if not a special messenger to the child in each of us? There it stands with its open branches so ready to bring us into the world of dreams and delight. We can smell the strong essence of earth and forest. We can see the deep green that symbolizes growth and fertility. We can feel renewed, as if life has just begun this very moment! There we sit in our living room playing board games with our family or watching our favorite holiday films. We laugh, we chatter, we joke around in excited tones. After all Christmas is so close! And while we are so focused on the day to day world our lovely Christmas tree can bring a magic to us that we can’t really see Yes, at another level our tree gifts us with an innocence and an imagination that we can’t touch but know is there.

Sports Ornaments Make Us Smile

When we gaze upon our Christmas tree we see ourselves.  That’s the most wonderful secret of the Christmas tree. Once hidden deep in the forest, our special tree enters our bright living room and takes on human warmth with all of its hand-chosen decorations.  Whether they are made of glass or ribbon, wood or bronze, […]