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Sports Ornaments Make Us Smile

When we gaze upon our Christmas tree we see ourselves.  That’s the most wonderful secret of the Christmas tree. Once hidden deep in the forest, our special tree enters our bright living room and takes on human warmth with all of its hand-chosen decorations.  Whether they are made of glass or ribbon, wood or bronze, […]

Choosing a Pet Ornament

            PETS ARE PART OF OUR FAMILIES Looking at photos of my family’s Christmas tree, I notice ornaments that represent marriages, births, and family vacations, and all those bring back memories that our family spent together. Our family is, however, more than just people.  It includes our pets, and for that reason, we have ornaments […]

Personalized Ornaments Are Keepers

Shopping for Christmas ornaments at Ornaments.com presents a delightful menu of choices for your family, teacher, minister, employees, business associates, or just anyone that you want to say a special “thank you” to during the holidays.