Ancient Artistry of Egyptian Glass Ornaments

These beautiful glass ornaments were once reserved for princes.


The handblown glass ornaments made by the artists at Sama Ornaments reflect a grace that has been handed down for many generations.  The ancient craft of glass blowing was developed in Mesopotamia and Egypt in the 2nd millennium BC and has evolved into a modern and efficient technique that allows the beautiful ornaments to be sold today at an affordable price.  Once cost prohibitive for everyone except for princes and the very wealthy, most of the ornaments now are sold for under $20 US.  The staff at Sama Ornaments has also written an excellent history of Egyptian ornaments.

The hand-made glass ornaments are made in Egypt using a high quality heat resistant glass and 24k gold to embellish the details of the glasswork.  All of the designs are created in house with more than 200 new ornament and perfume bottle designs every year.   The artisans at Sama Ornaments are also willing to design new shapes with new dimensions to please their clients.

During the glass blowing process, there are several quality control points, assuring that the design that is taking form is the intended size and shape.   Completing the glass ornaments involves several steps and each of the steps may be performed by a different artist or technician.  A glass blowing technician begins heating and shaping the glass and does not use any molds.  There may be several pieces that are worked on, depending on the intricacy of the design.  The craftsmen begin etching the ornaments and the artisans paint the designs.  Now the ornaments are ready to be heated for 5-6 hours to set the colors.  After cooling, the Egyptian ornaments are painted with gold and then heated again.  Subsequent quality checks for bubbles, color and over all design are made before the ornament is ready to be packaged by Sama Ornaments.

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Christmas Wreaths – Ornaments for Your Door!

A fresh Christmas wreath sets the mood for the holidays.

Evergreens are a wonderful symbol of the holidays, and the aroma of a fresh noble fir and pine wreath brings back nostalgic memories of family and friends at Christmas. Holiday wreaths are considered ornaments in themselves as they add a festive touch to your door, and the Christmas wreaths are a perfect place to display your favorite ornaments too.

The Holiday Swag at especially invites creativity, since its natural branches are perfect for hanging ornaments. We have seen beautiful displays of bird ornaments on the Holiday Swag and many Christmas Forest customers display the Christmas swag “upside down” so it really does look like a Christmas tree. Then they decorate it with colorful ornaments just like they would a Christmas tree. That is a great idea for anyone who has limited space, or just isn’t able to put up a large Christmas tree in their home or apartment.

The Christmas Forest wreaths not only are decorated with pine cones and your choice of bow, many of them also have pastel blue juniper berries and pale yellow incense buds on them to add even more color and forest fresh aroma to your Christmas. Another plus is that they are “greener” than artificial wreaths and the elves at Christmas Forest are careful to protect the environment. With pine cones, noble fir, princess pine, and natural berries, these gorgeous Christmas wreaths really are nature’s own ornaments.

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Custom Ornaments – Art Collectible Ornaments

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All of the Art Collectible Ornaments found at are designed, sculpted and painted by artist Mark Venaglia in his Burbank, CA studio. Mark says that he is his own slave labor, often utilizing paintbrushes with two hairs and hand applying glitter imported from the far corners of the globe. No molds exist for any ornament or tree topper. Every Holiday Art Collectible is unique, and is created as an original work of art, then signed and dated. The more traditional ornaments are hand painted on mercury glass harvested from Discovery Thrift Stores. Venaglia utilizes casein fresco paint, local business Nova Color’s acrylic mica paint, and Trompe L’oeil techniques to alter the sphere in any way that he can.

As depicted on the website,, each ornament comes with an individual Certificate of Authenticity. The sculpted pieces combine Florentine plaster (it more effectively holds the carved details) and domestic stucco with several types of paper mache. Reclaimed phone books and cotton T shirts are shredded to make the paper mache.

Though Americans certainly value artists, original works of art only find their way into about 2% of our total population’s homes. For the majority, Christmas trees provide the only experience for owning original works for art. Mark says that the love and care that people demonstrate with his Art Collectibles Ornaments often surpasses how some collectors treat the paintings that they’ve acquired from him.

Mark Venaglia tells us that it is Christopher Radko who elevated ornaments to a collectible level. Expanding beyond Radko’s tradition, Mark designs and creates complete trees, which dramatically represent the life of the person or family commissioning the ornaments. Even the most exclusive tree designers cover their clients’ trees with ornaments available to everyone else. No molds exist for any ornament or tree topper that Mark Venaglia creates. Typically, eight weeks are required for this exclusive artist service.

As an Art Historian, Venaglia also enjoys including additional depths of meaning in each ornament. Working at The Getty, and hosting art tours in every major museum in LA, art history comes alive on each Art Collectible. The matilaja poppy ornaments he creates are also very popular. Along with the orange California poppy, both of these native botanicals appear on ornaments as painted garlands or sculpted flowers with petals unfurling.

The custom ornaments typically start at $185 per work of art. Tree toppers are acquired for $500-$2,000. Amazingly, hundreds of these Art Collectibles have been shipped all over the world, and not one breakage has ever occurred.

Be prepared for a breathtaking experience when you visit Mark Venaglia’s Art Collectible Ornaments! Don’t forget to mention when you order, because Mark has very generously offered free shipping on your commissioned ornament when you tell him you read this article.

Please email Mark Venaglia to receive free shipping on your custom ornaments.

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Old World Christmas Ornaments – New in 2009

Tim and Beth Merck keep the spirit of German glass ornaments alive.

The tradition of blown glass ornaments is known to have started in a small German town called Lauscha, sometime in the late 16th century. Originally, only glass balls were produced, but in 1847 Hans Greiner began producing glass ornaments in the shape of fruits and nuts using a glass blowing process that utilized molds to create the unique shapes. These glass ornaments were distributed throughout Europe, and in the 1880’s Woolworth’s began importing these German glass ornaments to sell in the United States – which soon proved to be a very lucrative business move.

In 1979, Tim and Beth Merck’s love of Christmas and its traditions inspired them to begin revitalizing the fine art of mouth-blown glass ornaments. Today, Merck Family’s Old World Christmas is a well known wholesale ornament producer, offering hundreds of fine glass ornaments from traditional fruit and nuts to all varieties of animals, cars, decorative bells and balls, flowers, houses and churches, angels, pirates, various renditions of Santa Claus, and much more.

Producing glass blown Christmas ornaments like the pieces offered by the Merck Family is a labor-intensive process that involves mouth-blowing molten glass into a mold and then pouring a hot solution of liquid silver inside the ornament. The Merck Family’s Old World Christmas ornaments are then hand-painted with fine details and dusted with glitter to add an even more magical appeal.

While the tradition of blown glass ornaments has been around since the 16th century, the grand appeal of these whimsical ornaments has not lost any of its popularity. Old World Christmas ornaments are hand made with pride. Browse the staggering collection of glass ornaments by Old World Christmas at the Christmas Treasures website.

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The Ornament Finder – Find Ornaments Fast

This is a great search tool if you are looking for unique ornaments.


Brass Butterfly OrnamentIf you are reading this blog, you have an interest in ornaments. Whether you are an avid ornaments collector , gift buyer, or just love anything beautiful and creative, you will want to look at The Ornament Finder on There are already over 3,000 ornaments listed and many are unique ornaments such as the images pictured on this page. In the next few weeks, we will be inviting more and more ornaments artists and designers to include their latest creations in the new search tool.

Our very creative webmaster has poured his heart into this program, so that our readers and guests will be able to find new ornaments, vintage ornaments, and hard to find ornaments. This idea came about because so many of our visitors have contacted us to ask where they can find specific ornaments. They know exactly what they want and their requests are sometimes very detailed. Mostly, they want a unique ornament that they already see in their mind, but haven’t been able to find it in stores and they don’t know how to produce it themselves. Chances are that one of the ornament artists or ornament vendors listed on The Ornament Finder has just what you want or will be willing to customize an ornament for you. We are grateful that you come to to find ornaments. Now your search will be even easier. Find ornaments fast with The Ornament Finder.