10 Christmas Ideas – Ornaments Everywhere!

Ornaments are not just for your Christmas tree anymore.

Star Pinata Ornament designed by CasaQ

Darlene of CasaQ has a list of imaginative places for your favorite ornaments.

You may just want to keep your choice ornaments out year round.

  • Get into the Christmas spirit while running your holiday errands by hanging an ornament from your car’s rearview mirror.
  • Add ornaments to your evergreen wreath or forget the greens to make a wreath entirely of ornaments
  • Fill up a pretty bowl or clear glass pitcher or vase with bulb ornaments to use as a centerpiece for your holiday meal.
  • Place a special ornament at each place setting as decoration and for your guests to keep as a memento.
  • Create a mobile of ornaments to hang from the ceiling. Note: Great alternative to a tree if you have limited living space.
  • Hang ornaments on satin ribbons with alternating heights to create a wonderful window display.
  • Tie an ornament to the top of a wrapped gift as a final festive touch.
  • Decorate your mantle with evergreens, candles and sprinkle with ornaments.
  • Create a display using ornaments depicting your family’s favorite hobby or talents along with photos and memorabilia.
  • Place your favorite mini ornament on a chain or satin string to wear as a necklace at your next holiday party.


Article & images used with permission from CasaQ.com

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