How to Organize your Christmas Ornaments

When it comes to Christmas tree ornaments, everyone’s a collector.

Everyone’s ornaments are priceless, whether they are costly designer ornaments, assorted antiques inherited from Grandmother, or precious creations made ages ago by your kindergartner. All of them need protection and storage options abound.

Avid collectors of rare antique ornaments and costly commemoratives are careful to store their treasures in museum-like environments. Special acid-free boxes with humidity and temperature indicators maintain these investments in mint condition.

Most people find that the moderately priced ornament boxes on the market today are the most practical alternative. Made of colorful cardboard, these boxes come ready to assemble at home. One sort has a removable lid and several layers of cardboard dividers. Because one layer is stacked on top of another, you have to disassemble an entire layer or two to get to the next, a messy proposition at best.

Most convenient to use is the chest-of-drawer style cardboard box with individual drawers that can be removed without disturbing the other layers. Each drawer has dividers to keep ornaments from shifting and breaking. The best design has several shallow drawers that hold one layer of ornaments in each drawer rather than two or three deep drawers. The advantage here is that you can carry the entire drawer around with you as you place the ornaments on the tree or lift them off to put them away. With convenient handles, these boxes are available at

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