One Blissful Week

Happy Memories of School Days

We’re all familiar with the SHOT HEARD ROUND THE WORLD. At least we should be, as it was a significant event heralding the beginning of the American Revolution. If the phrase doesn’t ring any liberty bells, however, don’t be dismayed. It is still fresh in the sponge-like grey matter of our school-aged kids. Speaking of which—it’s almost time for THE COLLECTIVE SIGH HEARD ROUND THE WORLD.

That’s right, the end of the school year is rapidly approaching. It’s the time when thoughts of schedules, tests and getting out of bed early are put to rest, and replaced with thoughts of vacations, sleeping in and hanging out. The time when every parent and every kid can finally stop, relax and take a deep breath…and if necessary, release a primal scream.

Teacher at Blackboard - Personalized OrnamentOr so it seems. In reality, this moment of bliss quickly gives way to 11 weeks of non-stop mantras like “I’m bored”, “Are we there yet?”, and the feared “Do I HAVE TO go to summer school?”—all cleverly devised to sound like nails on a chalkboard and making parents wish they could turn the clock forward to the end of summer.

Still…there’s that one week. It’s the week that school ends and the summer doldrums have not yet set in. That one week where all is right with the world, our kids are content, and entire families revel in their new-found freedom. That is the week we like to celebrate at

Of course, some folks think we’re out of our tree when we mention ornaments at any time other than Christmas. Nothing could be further from the truth, however.

Personalized Ornament - Thank your TeacherYou see, as hard as it may be to believe now, the time will come when you look back on all of this and smile. The frustrations of the school years will be assuaged by rose-colored memories of teachers and bus drivers and the milestones our children achieved while clamoring towards adulthood. That one solitary week of contentment will give way to an entire vault full of cherished memories. And there’s no better way to  Be sure to check out our personalized ornaments for graduates too!


One Blissful Week
Article Name
One Blissful Week
Thank the people that helped make it all happen, keep the memories alive for decades to come, and celebrate a season of life that passes all too quickly than with end-of-the-school-year ornaments.

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