Harvest Ornaments

Autumn is an exciting time. For many of us, as summer rolls away with its copper sun, there’s a welcome cooling. We can feel the necessary cycle of the seasons in the longer nights, the call of the wind, the stretching shadows. Whether we await snow, cold rain, or just a slight drop in temperature, we all experience this transformation. After all, we are certainly connected with the world around us. There might be one tree in your neighborhood that is a burst of orange and red. Or, perhaps your whole street is lined with a leafy fullness that is breath taking. You might live in the country where the pumpkins become fuller each day. You might be in the city where autumn seems to seep into shop windows with artistic displays. To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heaven. You are where you are for a reason and the change is beautiful.
So then, what a great idea to celebrate the cycle of life! The cycle of seasons! Why not allow a whole new vision? There’s the turning of fall and the leaves drenched in a whole rainbow of reds. There’s the afternoon sun shining on one maple tree as the leaves sway in fire- orange. There’s a cornucopia outside. Fruits and vegetables. There’s a cornucopia in you. Gratitude and memories. Why not bring all of it into your home as a reflection of your appreciation?
Harvest ornaments do exactly that. They reflect the transformation in each of us personally and in the expansive outdoors. They remind us of the intensity of this yearly experience that is so easy to overlook. They remind us that Christmas is so close! They’re fun. They mark a time of back-to-school and trick-or-treat. They lift us into the moment.
For example, the beaded ornaments also titled the “Kolkata Mistletoe” are embroidered in a gold weave with daisies, halos and the color of pearls. They can hang at your front entrance while they await the Christmas tree! They easily connect summer to autumn to Christmas! Their light appearance and fall colors remind us of where we are now and the excitement to come!

The autumn delights ornament is handcrafted and gifts you with the tree of your dreams. You can squint and look outside and envision all of your favorite seasonal images hanging from a large pine. You can do this. But you know it’s your imagination. How wonderful to make it real and solid right there on the dining room table before you! Or on your nightstand so you can breathe in the delights before you go to sleep!
Then, Halloween is not just for children. The masks and playfulness born of the change itself can be seen as bright lights as we enter the coldest months of the year. For example, the Purrfect Halloween figurine includes a trick-or-treat bag, a cat, a witch’s hat and a pumpkin! What more can you ask for? It’s community! Life is about sharing.

However you bring in autumn, whatever the ornaments you choose, you will certainly know within your heart that these handcrafted items open your eyes to that which you may not have seen before. Ornaments certainly have their use. They look good on book cases and bring a new sense of unique décor to your home. But they’re more than useful. As the seasons change (and change they will) they bring the solid images of the most beautiful truths right into your soul. Whether you glimpse at them, or stare, the harvest ornament can wake us all up to the magnificent yes of our universe.

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