New Children’s Book – Magical Ornaments

Ornaments are not just little things that hang on a Christmas tree. They are intricate works of art that have the power to conjure up nostalgic memories of the past and to create wide-eyed wonder in the eyes of a child. They have the power to inspire and ignite the imagination of both children and adults.

Mary Padron, an ornament collector and children’s author, had her imagination ignited by ornaments. Inspired by the enchantment of ornaments, she wrote and self-published a children’s picture book called A Magical Christmas Dream, which is about Anna Victoria’s magical adventure with the ornaments on her Christmas tree, including a Christmas Fairy ornament and a Santa Claus ornament. The original, self-published edition, which was illustrated by Patrice Pendergast, has sold out except for a few copies available at Because Padron sold out of the first printing of 5,000 books, she recently scanned A Magical Christmas Dream and made it into an e-book.

Not only has she made the original edition of the story into an e-book, Padron recently revised the text and changed the title to Anna Victoria & the Christmas Fairy. The newly revised text is now available as an Audio Book MP3 download with Padron as the reader and can also be purchased at for $4.99.

Padron, a decorator and writer living in Memphis, TN, whose mission is to delight and inspire others through words, beauty, and creativity, said she got the idea for the story when visiting relatives in New York for the holidays. She said, “I was snuggled up on the sofa, looking up into the Christmas tree. The white, fairy lights and the hundreds of glittering, beautiful ornaments mesmerized me. I thought to myself, I wish I were fairy-size so I could climb inside this tree and play with the ornaments. And poof. . .the idea for the story was born.”

Ornament enthusiasts will enjoy owning this delightful book in picture book or audio format.

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