Custom Photo Ornaments

New Photo Ornaments Add Life’s Touch to the Holidays! 

A picture’s worth a thousand smiles! Our new photo ornaments might just end up redefining the meaning of the phrase ‘family tree’…

No matter what our holiday traditions may be, the delight of celebrating with family and friends is one of the most heartwarming parts of the season. Unfortunately, though, the names and faces seem to change throughout the years, no matter how hard we try to keep everything the same. Loved ones pass on, others move away, little ones grow up…it seems there’s simply no way to halt time.

Well, we haven’t created a time machine, but our new photo ornaments are probably the closest thing to a Christmas time capsule that we’ve seen yet! Simply upload the photos that you want on the front and back of your ornament (which makes each ornament like getting two for the price of one!), and select the hand-crafted look that suits your fancy from a variety of festive styles. Before you know it, you’ll have a tree—or an en entire house—adorned with images that celebrate the best of times with the best of your friends and family. And, as if these ornaments were not already one-of-a-kind, we even have custom calligraphers available to add text to your ornament to create a truly unique, personalized keepsake.

Whether a photo ornament is for you or a gift for a loved one, it’s one of the best ways to commemorate a special person, event, moment or milestone in your family’s life. And—let’s face it—now that we’re in the digital age, most of our cherished memories end up sitting quietly in the photo archives of our phones and computers. Maybe it’s time to breathe some life back into them—as photo ornaments from!


Custom Photo Ornaments Add Life's Touch to the Holidays!
Article Name
Custom Photo Ornaments Add Life's Touch to the Holidays!
Our talented designers have created a really special ornament just in time for Christmas and every ornament is one-of-a-kind! Upload two of your best photos and we'll do the rest. The two sided ornament is like getting two ornaments for the price of one.

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