Christmas Wreaths – Ornaments for Your Door!

A fresh Christmas wreath sets the mood for the holidays.

Evergreens are a wonderful symbol of the holidays, and the aroma of a fresh noble fir and pine wreath brings back nostalgic memories of family and friends at Christmas. Holiday wreaths are considered ornaments in themselves as they add a festive touch to your door, and the Christmas wreaths are a perfect place to display your favorite ornaments too.

The Holiday Swag at especially invites creativity, since its natural branches are perfect for hanging ornaments. We have seen beautiful displays of bird ornaments on the Holiday Swag and many Christmas Forest customers display the Christmas swag “upside down” so it really does look like a Christmas tree. Then they decorate it with colorful ornaments just like they would a Christmas tree. That is a great idea for anyone who has limited space, or just isn’t able to put up a large Christmas tree in their home or apartment.

The Christmas Forest wreaths not only are decorated with pine cones and your choice of bow, many of them also have pastel blue juniper berries and pale yellow incense buds on them to add even more color and forest fresh aroma to your Christmas. Another plus is that they are “greener” than artificial wreaths and the elves at Christmas Forest are careful to protect the environment. With pine cones, noble fir, princess pine, and natural berries, these gorgeous Christmas wreaths really are nature’s own ornaments.

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