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Christmas with all of its cheer, goodwill, celebration and hope, and music—the Food of love—with all its imagery and feeling, and the accomplishments of the musicians that bring it all to life, all brought together in a delightful array of new music-themed ornaments! Whether you are transforming your tree into a themed masterpiece, or you are simply looking for the ideal gift for that special music student or instructor, you’re sure to find something in our collection that strikes the right chord!

History of Christmas Ornaments

The Origin of Ornaments People everywhere love ornaments! The dazzling colors, sparkling finishes, and intricate details delight and fascinate young and old. No less fascinating is the back story about how all of these bangles, baubles and miniature beauties came to be such an integral part of the holiday landscape. The first known Christmas ornaments […]

One Blissful Week

Happy Memories of School Days

We’re all familiar with the SHOT HEARD ROUND THE WORLD. At least we should be, as it was a significant event heralding the beginning of the American Revolution. If the phrase doesn’t ring any liberty bells, however, don’t be dismayed. It is still fresh in the sponge-like grey matter of our school-aged kids. Speaking of […]