Rocky Mountain Ornaments

Handmade Miniature Quilts for your Christmas Tree

Rocky Mountain Ornaments - Gypsy Rose Ornament   Rocky Mountain Ornaments - Celestial Dreams Ornament   Rocky Mountain Ornaments - Tranquility Ornament

The  nostalgic fondness for primitives and folk art is at an all time high, and the trend towards the homemade and homespun  spills over to the love of quilts and quilting.  The popularity of the quilted Rocky Mountain Ornaments is perfect evidence of the movement towards handcrafted ornaments.  People seem to connect with the colorful ornaments and maybe they envision old fashioned quilting bees and  a simpler life when there was always time to sit with friends and hand sew something cozy and beautiful for their family.  While the quilted ornaments above are new and are being created daily by owner Christine Bolton, these ornaments are reminiscent of days gone by.

Rocky Mountain Ornaments - Whirlwind Romance Blush OrnamentChristine says that she has made ornaments for most of her life,  but she only recently began making the quilted ornaments.  Her natural creativity and love of ornaments has turned a hobby into a thriving internet business.  Just as quilting has always been passed down from generation to generation, Christine was taught quilting by her  mother as well.  Her mother is a gifted quilter and was able and willing to teach Christine all about quilting as she made a couple of  top quilts.  Christine did her homework and tells us that she did a lot of research online and found out about rag quilting and was hooked on the whole process.  Rag quilting involves making a quilt with the seams exposed and when you are finished sewing the squares together, you clip the seams and wash the quilt and it comes out all fuzzy and soft.

After two quilts, Christine declared herself a fabric addict.  Her mother sends her a lot of  scraps from her quilts to make ornaments and she adds ribbons and other materials such as charms to make each quilted ornament  unique.  Sometimes she goes to fabric and craft stores and just wanders around as the ideas start tumbling in.   Mostly working without a pattern, she might start out with a theme or a color and move from there until she has gathered the needed materials.

Some of the Rocky Mountain Ornament’s customers are using the one-of-a-kind ornaments as bowl fillers, rear view mirror hangers and as a most appreciated addition to gift baskets.  Christine  says that she will also create a custom design to suit any taste, personality, or occasion.  Personalized ornaments may include a name, picture or company logo.   There really is no limit to what can be used to create these unique ornaments.

Excerpts and images used with permission from Rocky Mountain Ornaments.

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