Who’s Tatting Now?

Laura Blanton says that tatting is not an obsession. It is a way of life.

Although both of her grandmothers tatted, Laura didn’t learn to tat ornaments until 9 years ago. She spent the first 49 years of her life not tatting. She learned how to do everything else her grandmothers did, but somehow tatting didn’t come up. About 1998, she started asking her dad’s mother to teach her to tat. Her grandmother just wouldn’t slow down enough for Laura to see what she was actually doing. Laura describes herself as stubborn and determined to learn to tat on her own. With the right book, website, or video and enough determination, she says it can be done. Now she takes tatting with her everywhere and loves to share about tatting ornaments. When someone inquires, “what are you doing?” or “are you tatting?” that gives her the perfect opportunity to SLOW DOWN and show them. She gives them her card and offers her assistance in learning.

Laura’s favorite tatting project is snowflakes ornaments for her white Christmas tree. She calls it her Rainbow Christmas Tree as the majority of her snowflakes ornaments are brightly colored. You can see endless sources to patterns and resources for tatting on Laura’s blog, LaurasMuse.blogspot.com.

Laura was kind enough to share these links with us about the tatters around the world who are creating beautiful tatted ornaments.

Learn to tat ornaments on Sharon’sTatting Blog. Sharon has several very good links for learning to tat ornaments. There are also tutorials and ornaments patterns.

If you aren’t quite ready to learn to tat, you can purchase tatted ornaments at Lady Shuttle Maker’sTatting Blog or Yarnplayer’sTatting Blog, where you will find lovely tatted ornaments, hand dyed thread and tatting books.

Learn more about the history of tatting from Dan Rusch-Fischer or Dale Pomeroy who are well informed tatting historians. They can also put you in touch with more tatting history links.

Laura Blanton modestly says that she is by no means the best ornaments tatter in the world, although she has tatters all over the world that follow her tatting blog. Apparently there is a whole community of tatters which makes up a helpful, friendly bunch of men and women who are very willing to answer questions for the novice ornament tatter. Their enthusiasm is contagious and the art of tatting ornaments is becoming more popular daily. Be sure to follow Laura’s Blog for more tatted ornaments ideas.

Article and images used with permission from LaurasMuse.blogspot.com


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