Blown Glass Ornaments – 3 Day Process

The process of blowing glass ornaments is centuries old.

Artisan crafted blown-glass ornaments are created in much the same way today as they have been made for centuries. The process takes several days, and results in a piece of art your family can treasure for decades.

While you may have thought of blown glass ornaments as limited to spheres or simple shapes, the almost infinite variety displayed on Ornaments To Remember will certainly change any idea that you have of blown glass ornaments being restricted to tradition. Their 2009 collection is especially prolific, and ranges from the lovely glass ornaments based on Chinese motifs to Bingo ornaments with a lot of fun ornaments in between. It is pretty amazing how much detail the artisans are able to achieve with their latest line of blown glass ornaments, and that isn’t even counting their custom designed ornaments. They even have movie ornaments and food ornaments as well as ornaments for hobbies and occupations.

Here is the basic process for making blown glass ornaments:

Day 1:

1. European craftsmen hold a hollow bulb of glass over an open flame until it is glowing red and pliable.

2. While the glass is still hot, a blower places it in the mold of choice and blows through a connected tube until the glass fills the mold.

3. The ornament cools and is removed from the mold.

4. When it has completely cooled, it is “silvered” using a proprietary blend of these ingredients: silver nitrate, ammonia, distilled water, saltpeter, and sugar.

Day 2:

1. The ornament is dipped in a base coat of lacquer. Our lacquer is non-toxic, does not contain lead, and meets Europe’s standards for being environmentally friendly.

2. Once the lacquer dries, depending on the design, color lacquer is applied in coats, then the ornament is hand painted and glitter and other coating are added if necessary.

3. The ornament is left to dry overnight.

Day 3:

1. The stem of the ornament is cut off and an ornament cap is placed on.

2. The ornament is placed in a specially designed gift box that protects it during shipping and makes a lovely presentation.

Ornaments To Remember is proud to create ornaments in the old tradition in a way that is safe to their workers and to the environment. In addition, all of their profits support the nonprofit parenting website The Learning Community.

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