Ancient Artistry of Egyptian Glass Ornaments

These beautiful glass ornaments were once reserved for princes.


The handblown glass ornaments made by the artists at Sama Ornaments reflect a grace that has been handed down for many generations.  The ancient craft of glass blowing was developed in Mesopotamia and Egypt in the 2nd millennium BC and has evolved into a modern and efficient technique that allows the beautiful ornaments to be sold today at an affordable price.  Once cost prohibitive for everyone except for princes and the very wealthy, most of the ornaments now are sold for under $20 US.  The staff at Sama Ornaments has also written an excellent history of Egyptian ornaments.

The hand-made glass ornaments are made in Egypt using a high quality heat resistant glass and 24k gold to embellish the details of the glasswork.  All of the designs are created in house with more than 200 new ornament and perfume bottle designs every year.   The artisans at Sama Ornaments are also willing to design new shapes with new dimensions to please their clients.

During the glass blowing process, there are several quality control points, assuring that the design that is taking form is the intended size and shape.   Completing the glass ornaments involves several steps and each of the steps may be performed by a different artist or technician.  A glass blowing technician begins heating and shaping the glass and does not use any molds.  There may be several pieces that are worked on, depending on the intricacy of the design.  The craftsmen begin etching the ornaments and the artisans paint the designs.  Now the ornaments are ready to be heated for 5-6 hours to set the colors.  After cooling, the Egyptian ornaments are painted with gold and then heated again.  Subsequent quality checks for bubbles, color and over all design are made before the ornament is ready to be packaged by Sama Ornaments.

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