Ancient Art of Egyptian Glass Ornaments

Egyptian glass ornaments are made to shine and reflect all lights.

Glass was an invention of the Ancient Egyptians. Modern Egyptian glass designs are exotic, colorful, intricately patterned and an excellent value for the money. Great as souvenirs, house accessories or gifts, Egyptian glass ornaments and other glassware can be found in numerous shops all over Egypt.

Located in Cairo, Egypt, Bazaar in Egypt designs their ornaments in the traditional Egyptian style and they have one of the most extensive collections of Eyptian glass ornaments on the web. They are able to ship their handblown glass ornaments worldwide from their warehouse in the UK.

Glass was produced on a large scale in Egypt very early on. Ornaments, figures and jars made from glass have been found in various ancient tombs. The earliest piece discovered is a bead-bearing cartouche of Amen-Hotep 1, currently on display at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, which dates back to the 8th dynasty.

Flinders-Petrie discovered the remains of a glass furnace at Tel El Amana, which has been dated to 1400 BC. There they made rods, beads, jars and other figures.

Glass was usually of the soda-lime variety often colored and beautifully patterned. There was even a large trade in the export of artificial pearls made from glass.

Handmade glass is still a big industry in Egypt and glassware products such as the unique and beautiful Christmas Ornaments and the Christmas Ornament Gift Baskets found at Bazaar in Egypt are extremely popular with both locals and tourists. Factories in Cairo take great pride in their craft and offer tours where you can watch the glass being blown.

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