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Looking at photos of my family’s Christmas tree, I notice ornaments that represent marriages, births, and family vacations, and all those bring back memories that our family spent together. Our family is, however, more than just people.  It includes our pets, and for that reason, we have ornaments for them too!

I can look at the ornament of Tiger, the gray cat we had growing up, and remember the time he decided to climb our 14 foot Christmas tree and send it crashing to the ground (he, along with the tree and ornaments, somehow came out unharmed). Or I can look at the ornament of our two golden retrievers, Elvis and Priscilla, and reminisce about the time when they helped open half our presents before we woke up.

CHOOSING AN ORNAMENT FOR THEM - Dog Bone Frame OrnamentA lot of the ornaments I look fondly at are the ones I made as a young child. When it comes to pets, I don’t think it would be a good idea for them to assist in any part of the process – I’m just imagining glue and glitter stuck to the fur of your cat as your dog chases him around with painted paws. You can always run to a craft store and pick up a little wooden picture frame, paint it with paw prints.  Again, be aware that if you dip your pet’s paw into paint, you will probably have a nice memory of a pet who furiously squirmed around getting red & green paw prints on everything but the ornament. It’s easy to personalized the pet frame ornament by sliding your favorite pet picture in. If you don’t feel inclined to tackle the craft project, go to to buy the cute pet frame ornament which is pictured above. - Grey Cat OrnamentIf you are looking for a simple, mess free alternative, consider buying an ornament that looks like your dog, cat, bird, snake, or whatever kind of pet is part of your family. At, you can select from a variety of dogs, cats, horses, and even frogs. The grey cat which stands at 3 inches looks quite a bit like my cat, Oliver, while the German shepherd glass ornament which is 4 inches has an amazing resemblance to my mother-in-law’s dog. If for some reason you can’t find an ornament that looks like your dog, you can always get the ornament frame and put a picture of you and your dog in there.


After you have an ornament for your pets, you will be able to be nostalgic about them for years. Just be sure to keep the ornaments up high on the tree especially if it’s in the shape of a bone!

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