Beyond Traditional Christmas Ornaments

If you are ready to move beyond Santa and snowmen for your Christmas Ornaments, EB Ornaments can help.

These days, trends are moving more and more toward the unique, the personalized and the not-necessarily Christmas-y Christmas ornaments.

In a way, you could say that Christmas isn’t just red and green anymore. The lines have blurred and more ornaments that feature favorite marine animals like penguins, fish and whales are popping up. Even zoo animals and favorite cars, trains, automobiles and John Deere tractors are finding their way onto Christmas trees.

Ornaments that embrace international traditions and cultures like Japanese origami ornaments, Mexican Day of the Dead ornaments and preserved leaves and flowers of the Pacific Northwest are also throwing off the traditional ho ho ho. That’s not even counting personalized ornaments, which give that gift or tradition of decking out the tree an extra special touch.

A wedding ornament that commemorates a couple’s summer wedding date is a fun keepsake to arrive in December and stretches out that newlywed feeling. And kids just love getting things with their name on it that are especially reserved for them to place on the tree each year.

So when choosing your ornaments this year, think beyond Santa, the snowmen and the red and green balls. Go for the colorful, the international, the funky and the fun to give your tree a touch of personalization and a flavor that’s all your own!

Elizabeth Marsten is the creator of everything on where specialty Christmas ornaments rule.

Submitted by Elizabeth Marsten

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